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Our cemetery has been a part of community life since 1864 when our first local resident, Carolina Wirtz, was laid to rest.  Many church members, their family, friends and local residents are buried within these loving confines.  The cemetery has been devotedly taken care of by members of the church since those early days and this tradition continues today.

If you take a walk through the older section of the cemetery you will notice many occupants have upright monument markers which give added character to the cemetery. The newer parts of the cemetery have flat markers and give a park like impression. Flat marker monuments are the only choice for installation in the cemetery today, to assist in cemetery maintenance. 

On September 24, 2017 St. Matthew erected a beautiful columbarioum in our garden cemetery to accomatdate those who have chosen cremation as their internment preference.  There are 64 double niches, 32 single niches, and space for 930 spaces for internments in the common burial ossuary area.

Many families lovingly take care of their plots by keeping their decorations current and flowers watered and fresh, clean headstones, and weed and feed their grassy area, and this example is encouraged.  Nothing says "I REMEMBER YOU" remember you more than a holiday, special event and seasonal decoration. 

If you are ready to make arrangements to select a plot or a space in the columbariium for yourself or a family member please contact Doug Duval at the church office.  (847-438-7709)

If you are in mourning, please have your Funeral Director contact us for arrangements. 

Remember to keep your deed in a safe place
and make a copy available to your estate executor.


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