Cemetery Rules




  1. DECORATIONS are allowed during these dates. 

    Winter decorations December 1 – March 31

    Spring/Summer decorations April 1 – September 30

    Fall decorations September 1 – November 30

    Fresh-cut flowers in non-breakable container - one week.

    Decorations must not impede lawn maintenance.

    All floral decoration are asked to be placed on a shepherds hook so that the floral arrangements to not impeded mowing and trimming

    Please limit monument decoration to a total of two items (including floral arrangements).

    All decorations are left at your own risk.  The cemetery does not maintain decorations. All worn, outdated, or excessive decorations will be disposed of.


  2. Cemetery visiting hours are dawn to dusk.


  3. Cemetery markers will be flat flush to the ground, no larger than one foot by two feet for a single grave and one foot by four feet for a double grave unless consent is given by the Cemetery Trustees. Markers are installed on and with a cement collar or a complete granite slab. There is a fee to install markers.  All markers should be approved to verify names are in correct placement to graves.  The cemetery is not responsible for wrongly etched markers.


  4. Cremation remains are to be enclosed in polyurethane, granite or non-breakable container.  Visit your local funeral home or cremation services for approved containers.  The approximate size of container is 10x8x8.  There is a burial fee to intern or inurn cremains.


  5. Funeral Home, trustee or person designated must supply a Permit of Disposition of Human Remains from the state and payment for opening and closing of grave to St. Matthew Lutheran Cemetery prior to burial. All payments rendered must be made out to St. Matthew Lutheran Church


  6. Pets are welcome but it is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up all animal waste.


    Rules and regulations are subject to change and expansion. (January 1, 2018)